New Puppy?! During our 14 day, VIBE Puppy Program, your puppy will stay in our home acting as a member of the family. They will have around the clock training by two professionals and of course have plenty of exercise and love!  VIBE takes special care raising puppies through positive reinforcement. They leave the program wanting to work for their humans. Our VIBE Puppy Program will help instill basic manners like house training, crate training and keeping a schedule, in addition to all the basic obedience training you'll need. We ensure our puppy clients meet all their socialization and developmental needs through outings, rest periods, confidence building and positive exposure! Unlike other “board and trains”, your dog will NOT live in a kennel environment, but rather as a member of the family. This 2 week program includes complimentary drop off and pick up from your house, updates with photos/videos of your pup in training, and a free follow up session so that all of the training transfers to you! During the follow up session we also go over puppy management. 

During this program your puppy will learn:

  • Sit and Stay

  • Down and Stay

  • Coming when called (Recall)

  • Proper Greeting (no jumping or nipping)

  • Potty Training (on and off leash as well as keeping a schedule).

  • Impulse Control

  • Place Training

  • Leave It

  • Leash introduction training

  • Positive Socialization

  • Crate training (including going in when you ask them as well as waiting at the door for you to release them)

  • Individual problem solving depending on your puppy’s needs