VIBE With Us - 2 Week Program

During our 14 day, VIBE With Us program, your dog will stay in our home acting as a member of the family. They will have around the clock training by two professionals and of course have plenty of exercise and love! This is a great option for families who want to send their dog on mini vacation, and come back to a well trained dog! The VIBE With US program is also a great option for families who are already planning to go out of town, but this way they can come back to a well trained dog! Unlike other “board and trains”, your dog will NOT live in a kennel environment, but rather as a member of the family. We believe every dog is different, so we can always customize a program to meet your training goals. This 2 week program includes complimentary drop off and pick up from your house, updates with photos/videos of your pup in training, and a free follow up session so that all of the training transfers to you! We also leave you with a written training plan and offer free continued support.

During this program your dog will learn:

  • Sit

  • Down

  • Coming when called

  • Stay

  • Proper Greeting

  • Loose -leash Walking

  • Leave-It

  • "Place"- Extended stay on a bed/mat

  • Eye Contact

  • Their Name

  • Impulse Control

  • Sitting and waiting at Doors

  • Off (No Jumping)

  • Relaxation training in the house

  • Crate training (including going in when you ask them as well as waiting at the door for you to release them)

  • Individual problem solving depending on your dog’s needs

Price of full program and continued support: $2450

Hybrid - 1 Week VIBE With Us

The VIBE With Us Hybrid program is a shorter version of the 14 day VIBE With Us program, great for people who want to focus on their dog learning a 3-4 new behaviors or problem solving an issue. The Hybrid program also includes the pick up & drop off, complimentary follow up session, written training plan and continued support.

Price of full program and continued support: $1400


VIBE With Us - 3 Week off Leash

VIBE offers a 3 Week Off-Leash training program which includes everything in the 2 week program, as well as off-leash training. Off Leash training is great for people who have aspirations to take their dogs to the park or hiking off leash, or even pet parents that want to ensure if their dog ever gets out, he/she will happily come running back home. Ask us about our Hybrid Off-Leash programs if your dog already has the basics.

Price of full 3 Week Program and continued support: $3000 (Hybrid Off-Leash programs may be cheaper).


At the end of each program, you will receive a complimentary session with the VIBE team so that all of the things your dog has learned will transfer to you and your family! Remember, we customize each program to fit your needs, so if you would like to have your dog learn some behaviors “beyond the basics” just let us know, and we will create a program for your dog! We also give you and your family a customized written training plan so that you can continue your pup’s training. VIBE offers continued support by phone, email and text to all of our VIBE graduates.